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Obvious maybe, but tablets are changing everything: broadcasting is now software

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Tablets will change everything for broadcasters.
Tablets will change everything for broadcasters.

The tablet market is on track to top all laptop shipments this year and, according to an IDC report, will exceed the entire PC market worldwide by 2015. There is not another device that so readily encapsulates digital luxury and portability, whilst subordinating all other screens. Tablet computers are with us in all the rooms of our houses, from the sofa to sitting up in bed. They come back and forth with us to work, and offer most digital services we might need at a touch. Realistically, these versatile multimedia devices are becoming primary points of contact and relevancy between broadcasters and their audiences.

When I was pitching ABC iView in 2007, it was the idea of TV as software. These days TV is an App, sitting alongside all the other apps that make up our portable entertainment world.

So with all the soothsaying that preceded convergent devices, shouldn’t it have been clear to broadcasters everywhere that tablets and software would disrupt their world entirely, as it has print media? Apparently, no. And whilst broadcasters can procrastinate, there’s an escalating cost to audience engagement and relevancy, let alone the missed opportunities for dazzling new ways to interact with content.

Alongside the excitement of watching this transformation unfold, there are all the opportunities in the world to create something as revolutionary as my portable Hanimex… a device that viscerally converts thoughts into words.

My Hanimex Regal Typewriter
My Hanimex Regal Typewriter

Robert Tercek’s excellent keynote to the Second Screen Society can be streamed or downloaded here. Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends report is as always essential reading.

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