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A title slide

I was speaking at UTS’ The Future of Storytelling Symposium yesterday, run by their Unit for Innovation and Creative Intelligence. Very interesting group of talks, including from Professor Sarah Kenderdine and Mark Pesce. How great to pop out of my cave and meet and listen to such talented people. Fascinating day, some of my slides below:

House of Stories

This year we’ve been working on a documentary about the history of Sydney Opera House for the public tours of the building. Thirteen editions, including the 18 minute full length story, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese editions are finished and ready to start being seen by millions over the next seven years.
Crystalising the story of SOH in under eighteen minutes was a lyrical experience, packing down layers of substance and history into so few words. Hugo’s narration is pitch perfect and it’s been a good production – flying a drone around the concert hall, the JST, the foyers, animating and rotoscoping, learning to use Red Giant’s Looks, editing, etc… For rights reasons, I can’t show it, but here’s an excerpt. Go take a tour of the building to see the whole thing!

SOH Welcome Centre, permanent video installation

I was commissioned by Sydney Opera House to create 5 video installations for inclusion in the South Wall of the new Welcome Centre at Sydney Opera House, at the harbour end of the lower concourse. The installation can be seen anytime day or night and provides a visual history of the architecture and heritage of Sydney Opera House.
South Wall, Welcome Centre, Sydney Opera House
I created 5 looped montages that interpret the chronological narratives of design, architecture and engineering of the building and using a combination of historical curated images and our own interpretations of key elements of the design and engineering process. The total duration is around 14 minutes, but as they run on loops, the presentation is a synchronous display experience that flows along the full breadth of the wall that winds behind the Visitor Centre.
South Wall, Welcome Centre, Sydney Opera House
Director/Editor/Compositor, Sam Doust
3D Artist/Compositor, Reuben Hill

You can watch two of the films below:

South Wall, Welcome Centre, Sydney Opera House
CAD courtesy of FRD Design

CAD courtesy of FRD Design

From a vessel for flowers to astromechanics, the continuity of art deco principles

Art Deco design principles at work.

Art Deco design principles at work.

Look, before it was a droid, it was a vase! Next time you’re in LA, go check out this beautiful piece of Art Deco design – a porcelain vase c.1900, made in Europe, but resident at Los Angeles’ County Museum of Art.

Maxon features our work

4_maxon-flats_ergebnis_03Over in Friedrichsdorf, the makers of Cinema 4D have profiled our work on Sydney Opera House. Read the article here, which delves a little into what we do. For more on that check here.


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Hues on the cutting room floor

Oh well, can’t use them all.


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