Maxon features our work

4_maxon-flats_ergebnis_03Over in Friedrichsdorf, the makers of Cinema 4D have profiled our work on Sydney Opera House. Read the article here, which delves a little into what we do. For more on that check here.


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Hues on the cutting room floor

Oh well, can’t use them all.

Series Prep

days-poster-image-june-2015Just a thumbnail poster design for the series, as production begins.

5yrs ago: Bluebird AR is a wrap

bbird-is-fiveWhat do 5 years equal in internet time? A long time ago. Good times though: L-R: Stamatia Maroupas, Gil Balfas, Michael Cormick, Sam Doust (Bluebird AR's Director)Here’s a recap of the story so far about a quarter in to the drama. Editors: Mark Taylor, with Davor Opacak.

Sphere and back again


Gallipoli the first day: Centenary Edition is available for iOS, Win, Android, Kindle.


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